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Not my will…

“Sometimes your only mode of transportation is a leap of faith.”

We are so quick to curse God and blame Him for our trials, yet so slow to thank Him for our blessings. The truth is we would never know what it feels like to be whole, if we haven’t been broken. Nobody learns from a life that is perfect. Nobody grows when everything happens in their comfort zone. I have had my fair share of being rejected, but it has shown me what it means to be welcomed home into His Kingdom.

We have become a society who is trying to mould God into our own expectations of who we want Him to be. If He doesn’t heal our illnesses then we doubt His love for us. If He doesn’t fix our bank statements then we wonder whether He really cares about us. If He doesn’t repair the broken world we are living in, we doubt His very existence. If He doesn’t conform to our way of thinking, then He is narrow-minded. We must never allow our wounds to turn us into the person that we have not been created to be – bitter! Whenever I feel a shadow of doubt, I always return to the cross. And when I see the wounds of Jesus, that’s where my faith is always restored in a God who gave it all for me. That’s where I know that God is with me and that I can never be too far gone to escape His presence.

You see, when I make the decision to ask God for His will to be done in my life, instead of expecting my will to be done, then I begin to count my blessing and the hardships seem to become insignificant. When I begin to realise that the One who holds the universe in place, is holding me in the palm of His hand, then living a life for Him becomes far more of a priority than living a selfish life of entitlement.

Someone who recently followed me on Twitter, has this statement on his profile: “God apprehended me with a simple Word one night saying “You don’t know me!Thus began my journey to find Him and learn His voice to guide me into all truth.” Thanks so much for that Elijah. Even though I have been a Christian for years, as well as a pastor, God has spoken to me through this and I am going on a pursuit to really get to know Him. Exciting times! God, please help us to step out in faith and trust You. May we know that You are always there and that you never leave us alone. May all who doubt your existence, be encouraged by your closeness and the reality of your presence today.

Have an amazing day!

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