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Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

Those Shakespearians out there will know that this was a speech made by Macbeth about life … death. It’s a reminder that time waits for nobody. Whether we’re rich or poor, happy or sad, it doesn’t matter. Every day wasted is a day lost. Every unused moment is a moment gone for ever. But every moment used wisely is a moment invested.

We all have dreams but so few of us realise them. Maybe because we run out of time. Or maybe simply because we choose to find excuses for not turning them into reality. Because you see, comfort is the biggest predator of dreams. It slowly devours dreams until our lives are left empty. And not even the greatest comfort zone in the world can fill an empty life, void of all dreams.

And that’s exactly one of the main reasons why Christians become disillusioned – they follow Jesus because of what He can do for them. I don’t follow Jesus for a life of comfort… so that he can give me the best health and the most wealth. I believe that’s exactly why God doesn’t often give us all those things – because we will fall back into a life of comfort and fail to recognise that we still need Him. It’s no wonder that Jesus talks about counting the cost to follow Him. He doesn’t promise a prosperity Gospel. Instead He has already fulfilled the Gospel (Good News) by dying for us and setting us free from the grip that sin and doubt and fear and comfort has on us. I follow Jesus for what He has already done for me, which is far more than I ever deserve.

If you are still breathing, then you’re not done yet. If you still have a passion and a dream for your life, don’t give up on it. Don’t simply follow it – chase it. Because you are not done yet. And more importantly, God isn’t done with you yet.

Have an absolutely amazing day!

(Watch the next video coming soon on “Even If”. It expands a bit on this topic.)

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