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What will it be?

Our choices tell the world who we are!

I want the world to see me as a warrior… not a worrier. But more than that, I want that reflection of who I am to be real. There’s a trend in society to portray something that isn’t necessarily reality – I call it a “plastic reality” – a portrayal of life, that doesn’t line up with what is really going on. We make ourselves out to be warriors, meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are timid and lack resilience.

When we choose to be strong and determined, it mustn’t only reflect on our Facebook posts. It needs to be more than talk. In fact, who we are, isn’t measured by what we say or what we post on social media. The true measure of who we are is found in our character, not our profile. It is found more in what we truly believe about ourselves, rather than what we want others to think of us. Being honest with ourselves needs to come first.

And it all begins with choosing who I want to be – a warrior or “average”; real or “plastic”. And once I’ve chosen, I simply need to live it out by practicing what I preach and walking the talk. And as a Christian, it means living out the things we love to post online. It means being the church on Monday too.

We want our coffee in the lobby. We watch our worship on a screen.
We got a rock-star preacher. Who won’t wake us from our dreams.
We want our blessings in our pockets. We keep our missions overseas.
But for the hurting in our cities. Would we even cross the street?

I’m like the brother of the prodigal, who turned his nose and puffed his chest.
He didn’t run off like his brother, but his soul was just as dead.
What if the church on Sunday, was still the church on Monday too?
What if we came down from our towers and walked a mile in someone’s shoes?

So today, I choose God. Today I choose to be a warrior and to live a life of purpose. Today I choose to be real and to be His hands and feet. And tomorrow I choose to do the same! How about you?

Have an awesome day!

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