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Average is Overrated

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every barking dog!

I struggle to understand the direction the world is going. It seems to be spinning in the opposite direction to what God intended it to. But the “anti-God” and “anti-moral” spin that is put on everything is beginning to distract us from moving in the right direction. Everyone is jumping on the “principleless” bandwagon because it’s easier to swim with a school of wishy-washy ideas, than to oppose the mainstream and stand up for what is moral.

Where is the love? Now you might say that love means accepting everyone and everything that every person does because that’s who they are. Well, “that is what love is” – is what we have been lead to believe by people who have no idea about the One who is love. I love my children so, so much… but I don’t accept every single thing that they do. I don’t even accept everything I do! Modernism wants us to believe that discipline doesn’t have a place anymore because children should be allowed to express themselves freely. “Forward thinkers” want us to believe that anything goes, as long as it makes you happy. That is why authority has lost all authority and God is rejected.

The end result is that Christians give in to the pressures of society and sell their beliefs for 40 pieces of silver. We have shortened our walk with God, by marching with the crowds. We have allowed the hatred of the world towards God to infiltrate our lives, instead of allowing the love that God has for the world, to change society. And once again… the fact that God loves us, does not mean that He is always pleased about everything we think or do. It doesn’t give me free reign to act like a pompous fool, and claim to be a child of God.

Swimming against the stream takes an above-average mindset. Standing up for what is right takes an above-average act of courage. Staying focused when everything around us seems blurry, takes an above-worldly source of strength – God! There’s no time to be average. The world needs history makers who speak up for the real victims, not sensationalism that takes our attention away from the real issues.

Have an amazing day!

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