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Right side up

This is a brief life. But in it’s brevity it offers us some splendid opportunities. The question is… Will we take them?

When we live our lives never thinking of our own mortality, we tend to be selfish. And the trends in society characterize exactly that – selfishness. I believe that being self absorbed is mainly a problem in the world today because we fail to look at the bigger picture. We fail to recognize the fact that each morning we wake up might be our last opportunity to see a sunrise. Each day when we leave home and greet our loved ones, might be the last time we see them. Each night we tuck our kids into bed and say good night, might be the last time we have that privilege.

So today, take the time to smell the roses. Take the time to tell your family you love them. Invest time and resources into the lives of people who have never experienced the privileges that you and I take for granted. It is estimated that 5 700 children become orphans every single day. These children don’t have moms or dads to tuck them in or kiss them good night or tell them that they are proud of them. How are we helping? There are 57 million children who don’t have a school to go to, while 1st world countries are pumping billions of dollars into extravagant facilities. And the list goes on…

Why is the scale of humanity so unbalanced? The lack of recognizing our mortality and limited days on earth leads to a life of entitlement with blinkers that leave us blind to the real needs. At the end of our lives we will never look back and wish we had been more selfish. The truth is that most people look back wishing they had done more to make a real difference. People need people. That’s just the way we have been created. Let’s swop our ignorance for wisdom and make the most of the time we have left here on earth.

You and I have a purpose. We are supposed to be the salt of the earth. Our actions and words are meant to flavour society by making it a better place. Changing the life and attitude of one person in our circle of influence can have a knock-on effect that will lead to a true revival. So, let’s start with ourselves by recognizing our time is limited. Take every opportunity to tell those around you that you love them. Compliment people on the little things. Even though it might seem petty to us, it can mean the world to the recipient. Take more risks and use the resources you have to help those who really just need someone to invest and believe in them.

That’s what we are all about at whynotimpact. We start by recognizing the needs of others and choosing to invest into the lives of people who just need to know that somebody cares – that somebody believes in their future. And the reason why we choose to do that is because we know that God has given us this brief life, not to live selfishly, but to live purposefully for His glory.

Have an amazing day of purpose and impact. Remember… why not impact the world!

2 thoughts on “Right side up

  1. A powerful post. This strikes a chord with me & I appreciate the way you use your words to convey the truth. Keep writing for Him!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Have a blessed day.

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