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No matter what

I’m not sure what you have been told or what you have chosen to believe, but there is never a point in your life that is completely void of hope. Our circumstances don’t remove hope from our lives… our lack of faith does.

There are examples of people who have been through, and are going through unbelievably difficult circumstances, yet they choose to keep going. That choice has got nothing to do with what is happening to them, but everything to do with what’s happening in them. The fact of the matter is, that people who hardly ever face difficulties, struggle to deal with them when they do appear. It should therefore be no surprise that First World Countries have far more people struggling with depression, than Third World Countries.

When we allow God to change us from within, it will clearly reflect on the outside. That’s when we deal with our circumstances differently, because we know that difficult times make us stronger. And when we are stronger, we have the resilience to face anything that is thrown at us. And if we ever get to a point where we feel unequipped to deal with anything, we know that if God is on our side… and with God, we are always a majority.

So it’s time to quit complaining and start praising. When we are hurt about the past, struggling in the present and unsure about the future, the only way to look is up! No matter what we are going through, there is no place so dark that God’s light cannot reach us. Hope is found in the One who is Hope. Purpose is found in the One who created us. Direction for our lives can only be found in the One who is the Way. A real joyful life can only be found in Jesus Christ, who is Life. Why choose to live a life that is limited by your circumstances, when you can live an unchained life?

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