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Love moves first

There are so many flippantly used definitions of love out there. We are bombarded with the idea that love is about me and what makes me happy. We are told that when our love fades, we need to move on – that there is no point in sticking around once we’ve “fallen out of love.” This is because what we decide to believe about love, isn’t really love at all – it’s egocentrism.

You see, when my world revolves around me and it’s all about “population me”, then love doesn’t even enter the equation. When “love” is dependent on my circumstances, my feelings and my status, then there’s a problem which leads to confusion. And there’s certainly confusion in society today. A “worldly love” tells us we can move on to someone else when we get tired of the one we are with. A “worldly love” tells us to focus on ourselves and what we can get out of a relationship. It tells us that when things get challenging, and even uncomfortable, it’s time to get out.

The world teaches us that love is about what I can get from it, whereas real love is about what I can give. Real love is about giving my all, even if it affects my comfort. When Jesus approached His crucifixion, His comfort never won the internal dialogue. In spite of what His love for the world would cost Him, He gave everything and it cost Him everything. He never gave 50% expecting us to give the other 50. He gave it all. That is true love. He moved first. And in response, He wants us to love Him, the same way we all want to be loved – COMPLETELY.

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