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“To educate a person in mind and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society…”

And that is exactly what the world is facing today. We are teaching our children to disrespect authority and to follow their hearts no matter the consequences. We are teaching our young people that comfort supersedes sacrifice. We are creating a society that is killing itself, because it is functioning as 8 billion individuals, instead of a community looking out for one another.

The very foundation on which a society is based, is mutual respect for others. That’s what a society does… it looks at the bigger picture. We rush out of our starting blocks when it comes to criticizing police, humiliating teachers and ignoring the legal system, yet we have no clue what it takes to work in these environments. Society has become a bunch of spoilt, entitled individuals who have no experience of any sort, yet full of advice for others. We sit on our couches, behind our screens and utter criticisms, but are unwilling to be part of the solution by actually stepping onto the playing field, putting ourselves at risk. Because that’s the safe and cowardly place to be.

Maybe it’s best to be quiet, until we have an idea of what we are talking about. Maybe it’s best to speak up against issues without blowing things out of proportion and filling our hearts with hate in the process. Maybe it’s time that we start fighting the evils of this world with morality in mind, and not an arrogant attitude which disregards the rest of society. We are indoctrinated our young people with the notion that they need to do whatever they feel like doing, even if that means disrespecting authority. That’s why the world has turned away from the One who holds all authority, and is caught up in a lawless, disrespectful and selfish chasm that is free-falling toward self-destruction.

How does it work that we love to shout “justice”, yet we hate the law? How is it that we want everybody else to be held accountable, yet we don’t want it to apply to us. But here’s the thing… whatever you might believe, we will all stand accountable before God one day and there will be no excuses. The fact that we hated authority or didn’t think that it applied to us will no longer be valid on that day. The only thing that will count, would be whether you and I chose to be under God’s authority by accepting His Son, and loving our neighbours. On that day… every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and there will not be a shadow of a doubt that God the Father is the ultimate, infallible authority that we were all looking for on earth. On that day, we will finally realise that we didn’t “Know it All”.

Have an amazing day.

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