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See the Colours

I can choose to begin each morning by seeing my circumstances as walls, or I can decide to simply get out of bed on the right side. Those circumstances then become challenges that excite me and allow me to focus on my strengths… strengths for which I am truly grateful. You see, the way you decide to start your day will determine the day you will have. There are people who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day of their lives, but they choose to wash the windows of each day, and see the colours that are scattered in the challenges. The trick is to focus on the good and the possibilities.

It baffles me that so many people who live privileged lives, struggle with depression and anxiety. The very people who have so much to be thankful for, choose to zone in on the few difficulties that they face. And in so doing, neglect to see the overwhelming blessings that they have. There are people out there who struggle to to find a morsel to eat, yet they see the good in life.

In contrast, there are people who have ample, yet refuse to take a moment to wash the windows of their souls to see the beauty before them. By choosing to clean the lens through which we view life, we are choosing to be thankful. We are choosing to focus on our blessings instead of throwing a pity party for ourselves. What we need to realise is that every breath is a blessing, not an effort. Every heart beat is an opportunity, not a reason to complain. The mere fact that you and I are alive is an absolute miracle given to us by the grace of God.

Society refuses to listen to the truth because it might hurt or offend. Maybe that’s why our world is in such a mess. What the world needs more than ever is hope and encouragement. And hope can only be found in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Every morning I choose to spend time with God. That’s when I get my daily pep talk. And what I love about God, is the pure honesty. He doesn’t tell me what I might like to hear… He simply tells me the truth. He tells me to take courage, be strong and face my giants. I have the confidence of knowing that, no matter what is happening in my life, God is in control. He can save me from any circumstance. But even if He chooses not to, I still choose to see His goodness and blessings and I know that an eternity awaits me with Him, where there will be no more hatred, fear and pain.

Have an amazing day.

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