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Change your Strategy

I won’t be afraid
You are here
You silence all my fear
I won’t be afraid
You don’t let go
Be still my heart and know
I won’t be afraid

We are bombarded with the idea that we need to take control of our situations and dig ourselves out of the mess that the world finds itself in. The message is that if we don’t help ourselves, nobody will. We are rushing from one thing to another, believing that if we keep busy, we won’t have time to think of what’s happening around us. By doing this, we are simply living a false reality.

The reality is that the world is in turmoil. What seems to be sensible, is folly. Fear and panic as to where this is all leading has gripped society and is choking the life out of us. Yet we choose to rely on our own abilities and plans to find a way of breaking the stronghold that our circumstances have on us. This is not a battle in the flesh that is raging. Why do we then even entertain the idea that we can overcome it by using natural defense mechanisms? When I was a young boy, I was involved in my fair share of fist fights. That’s when you take your fists to battle. When I was a young man, I was in the army at a time when our country was at war. That’s when you take a gun to battle…

None of these earthly weapons will work in the battle we are all currently facing. We are involved in a spiritual battle. Until you choose to believe that, this world and its issues will continue to defeat you. However, the day we decide to stop running around like headless chickens, and we realise that this is a battle that requires spiritual weapons, the rising tide in our hearts will turn. It will turn to God and will allow Him to flood us with His strength and confidence. No matter who or what comes against you… you and God are always a majority. When we stand in front of the giants we are facing, we can then boldly say, “I come to you in the name of the Lord.” And no weapon formed can ever defeat that.

Be still and trust
What the Lord has said is done
Find rest don’t strive
Watch as faith and grace align

Have an awesome day!

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