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It’s not fair

Do any of us always act in a just way? Is there anyone alive that treats every single person the way that they should be treated? If we dare to answer yes to either of the preceding questions, then here’s another question that I would throw your way. Why is there so much poverty in the world? Why is there so much hatred in the world? Why is there so much abuse in the world?

Yet, we who are either directly guilty of this by causing it, or are 2nd hand contributors to these injustices by simply pleading ignorance; are quick to point the finger at others who are acting unjustly. The truth is, all of us are guilty! Every single human being. We are so quick to pass the blame in hatred, yet forget to look at the image in the mirror. We love to clean the outside of the cup, while we neglect first washing out the inside.

Therefore, because we are all guilty of acting unjustly, what gives us the right to demand justice as guilty individuals? It then simply becomes an act of hypocrisy. The injustices of this world have been created by a society that is moving out from a lost hub without any point of reference. How can we look for justice if we don’t understand its true meaning. And its meaning can only be found in the only One who is truly just. The only One who has never acted unjustly – Jesus Christ.

Instead of looking at the many failures of the church, and using that as a reference point, let’s focus on the cross as a place to begin the process of true justice in our chaotic world. We can not begin a conversation about justice anywhere but at the cross of Jesus. When we begin to understand that our injustices have been forgiven through his unjust death, and we see that He achieved this through love and grace, we finally begin to understand what it takes to fight against the injustices of this world.

Don’t get me wrong. We must speak up against the injustices! We must demand change for what is happening! But it must be done with the right motive, knowing that we too have acted unjustly. Knowing also that we deserve to be judged. When we realise that we are also guilty of wrongdoing, then we might stop being so “bloodthirsty” and incited by hatred and revenge.

What blows me away, is that the world is silent about the 9 million people who die of hunger every year, yet they start movements that spread like wild fire when a few people lose their lives due to police violence. I can’t comprehend why nobody makes a big deal about the injustice happening when in comes to tens of thousands of children being used as sex slaves, but create massive world-wide movements against gender inequality. It boggles my mind that there are very few protests against 45 million unborn children who are being murdered, yet we organize mass protests against sexual orientation discrimination. We are willing to lock down the world and allow the police to use drastic measures to enforce rules associated with these lockdowns, yet we fail to allow them the same drastic measures when it comes to dealing with violent offenders because of the “exaggerated rights” of criminals.

Something is obviously wrong with this picture. The only way the world can turn around and ever make any sense again, is if every single one of us TAKES A KNEE. Not to support any movement, but to worship the King and to realize our deep need for forgiveness. When we decide to humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear from heaven and will forgive our sins and restore our land. And boy, does every land, and our world, need restoring!

Have an amazing day!

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