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Making Time

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The bad news is… time flies. I am almost 54 and I don’t have a clue how so many years could have happened so quickly. Despite the fact that my life has been filled with some great adventures and amazing people, the older I get, the more time seems to matter. Our days on earth are limited. And how we use the time we have here determines who we are.

The good news about time is… we are the pilots. Every single one of us is given the same number of seconds each day. We tend to borrow time and live in debt with the “time bank”, procrastinating. We are all guilty of… “Tomorrow I’ll find time to do this or that…” Sadly, what we put off the most is time with God and spending time living our purpose. The thing is, time will never be found; it needs to be made.

Today, in spite of everything that needs to be done, God comes first. I choose to make time for Him. I choose to pursue what He has called me to do. If I tried to find the time for Him, the world and its distractions will get in the way. Make time for what’s really important. Live a life you have been called to without allowing “purposeless” stuff to clutter your timeline.

Have a great day making time for what really matters.



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