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What now?

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“The world is in chaos because things are being loved and people are being used.”

We are stuck in a valley bordered by a cliff of “individual rights” on the one side, and a precipice of “authoritative lockdown laws” on the other. The question we are all struggling with is, “Which way do I turn?”

We all have the right to freedom. This includes freedom of speech and religion. But contrary to what we might think, it does not include the freedom to simply do as we please. Although, that’s exactly the direction that the world is going. People who break the law, have more rights today than their victims. Courts of law are exonerating criminals for the most ridiculous reasons, while their victims have to live with the consequences of what had been done to them. Authority is being undermined and respect is a foreign concept in modern times. All this is happening because people are not loved, but used.

On the other hand, we are all feeling the frustration of authorities that are making the most ridiculous decisions that are impacting our lives detrimentally. Where is the basic common sense in destroying people’s livelihoods and sanity, by implementing exaggerated lockdown laws for a miniscule percentage of the world’s population being affected by a virus that has caused far fewer deaths than influenza. A lockdown to prevent an out of control society hurting one another, has never been considered, yet crime and hatred causes far more pain than this virus could ever do. In fact, the side effects of this lockdown has caused way more deaths than the virus itself. My grandmother recently passed away – not from COVID – but from loneliness. No one was allowed to see her for the past 5 months. Imagine dying alone and not understanding why nobody is visiting.

So here we are facing this impossible conundrum that is leading to frustration and resentment. The world is on the brink of a “war”. A war against any authority questioning our rights to do whatever we please. And there is no place to go from here, except straight up. God is the only way out of this mess. We have tried everything else, and our way has certainly not been working. If it was, the world wouldn’t be in the mess that it is today. It’s time to admit that we need help. It’s time to humble ourselves, turn from our selfish ways and ask the God of creation to heal this world that we chose to destroy. It’s time to take the focus off ourselves and our selfish ways, and to put the spotlight on Jesus. He certainly didn’t give His life for us to act the way we are. He gave His life because He valued every single one of us. It’s time that we start acknowledging Him and loving our neighbours – not our stuff.

“God is the only One who can make the valley of trouble, a door of hope.”                (Hosea 2:15)




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