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“Truth will always be truth, regardless of the lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.”

We will never know what the right thing is, until we grasp truth. And we don’t know truth because we are led to believe that it is a relative concept. Truth isn’t a wishy-washy thing that I can make up for myself because it fits in with my agenda. I can’t create my own version of “truth” because another version makes me feel uncomfortable.

The fact is that truth is a constant and a reality that cannot be changed because of the way we perceive it. Truth is truth… despite how it makes me feel. And the only way we will ever feel content, and the only time we will ever do the right thing, is when we understand what truth really is.

The truth is that the world doesn’t revolve around you and me. The truth often offends us and requires us to change our ways and walk in a direction that we have never been before. The truth sometimes hurts us. But the thing is that truth sets us free.

What then, is the truth? The question should rather be, “Who is the truth?” Truth is found in Jesus Christ who is the only One who can set us free. We all long for freedom and we often confuse it with the “freedom” to do whatever we please. Here’s a question…”How has that been working out for mankind so far?” The world is in a bigger mess than it has ever been. There are more suicides, homicides and cases of depression than ever before. There are more people looking to find purpose than ever before, despite the liberal laws that allow us to almost do whatever we please.

There might be some of you reading this, feeling offended. That’s okay, because I don’t mind walking alone if everyone wants to go in the wrong direction. I don’t care about being “politically correct” if “correctness” moves away from the truth. When we accept the Truth that came to set the world free, then we are also set free. And I would far rather be ridiculed by people while following my Saviour, than be praised by the world while denying the very One who gave His all for me.

In Jesus we find Truth and Freedom and Life. And THAT is the Truth.

Have an amazing day!

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