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To do what nobody else has done before, we need to go where nobody else is willing to go!

If you have a pioneering heart like me, you are always looking for innovative and fresh new ways of doing things. That means we look past the obstacles and focus on the horizon. But simply having that vision of what’s on the horizon isn’t worth much if we aren’t willing to leave the safety of the shore, and risk the swim towards our dreams.

It’s that distance between where we are, and where we see ourselves, that needs to be conquered. Moving along that journey, we are confronted with battering waves, frigid water and weariness. How much we want to achieve our goals, will determine how much we are willing to endure on the journey. We are caught up in a world where comfort seems to be the main objective. But, as Christians, we are not of this world. Comfort shouldn’t be our driving force.

There’s a reason why Jesus said, “You will have trouble.” It’s a given if we want to follow Him. There’s a cost involved and that cost is dying to ourselves – which basically means – our comforts come last and His will comes first. And when we are willing to say to Him, “Use me Father” then He will show us our purpose and equip us to do it. We all want to be used by God, but so few of us are, because we:

  • are unwilling to leave our comfort zones
  • take our eyes off the horizon when we face obstacles
  • lack perseverance

So today, decide that you want it more than any comfort and fear; get out of the boat; and trust God to do the rest.

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