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“Entitlement and gratitude cannot occupy the same space.”

When living in a privileged country or environment, we tend to want more and give less. The sense of “I deserve” overtakes the compassion to reach out and give. We then don’t have the time for others because we are too busy accumulating for ourselves. We think we don’t have the means to give because we become too busy hoarding things we hardly ever use, living in houses that are way too big and driving cars that cost way too much.

Our time is stolen by frivolous activities that grab us away from our families. Our priorities become jaded, and lead us away from things that really matter. What really matters is making time for others. I get so frustrated when “friends” are too busy to even send me a text once a month to say hi. It makes me feel that I am not important enough to warrant 30 seconds of their time. Then I often find myself doing the same. You see, our priorities become clear when we look at how we spend our time.

If we don’t even have 10 minutes of our day to spend with God, how can we want to spend an eternity with Him, praising Him forever. God’s Word tells us that He is sick of our sacrifices and our religious rituals. He doesn’t care about that because it’s all done to make ourselves look good. He tells us that true religion is helping the orphans, the widows and those who can’t help themselves. He is calling us to stand up for the injustices in this world. He is telling us feed the hungry, give to those who are thirsty and to visit those in prison.

He is telling us to LOVE… and love is spelt T… I… M… E…

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CSI (Christ Saving India)

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