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“Silence is the enemy of truth.” Not mentioning something doesn’t make it go away. Feeling uncomfortable when hearing something doesn’t make it “bad”. Denying something doesn’t mean that it’s not real, especially if there is ample proof of its reality.

For too long, us Christians have been afraid to talk about our Saviour in fear of retribution and criticism. The sad thing is that Jesus wasn’t concerned about being ridiculed when He decided to give His life for you and me. Our reputation is on the line! Are we going to deny Jesus because of a fear of rejection? If we do, we are selfish. We are denying the world the opportunity to experience God’s love and grace through us. We haven’t been called to look down and judge others! We have been called to share the Gospel, which is Good News.

Maybe it’s the beginning of that message that we fear to share the most because it’s not something anyone wants to hear – “That we are sinners”. That is the part that offends, but it doesn’t stop it from being the truth. It is also not a judgement from us onto anyone. It’s simply the truth. The next part is the Good News. The FACT that we can have eternal life if we accept what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross and we choose to live for Him. And can I just add, that it’s not a punishment but a pleasure to walk with Him every day.

Whether we think about it or not, there WILL be a day that you and I will die. I have the promise and hope and knowledge that that die is not the end – in fact, it will be the beginning of eternity with my Saviour. That’s why I don’t fear death. Because it has no hold on me. I recently lost a good friend. John was a lover of life. He didn’t have a theological bone in his body, but he loved Jesus, and I had the privilege of being part of that walk with him. His funeral was a celebration. It didn’t signify the end, instead it was the beginning of his life with no more limitations. He isn’t in heaven because he was a good man. He’s in heaven because he accepted that he was a sinner, accepted Jesus as his Saviour and lived for His King.

But the thing is, we need to accept Jesus and give Him our lives. We can’t just give Him some of our life. It will mean sacrificing some things. But the gains far outweigh what we need to give up. It’s time that we declare that God’s not dead. It’s time that we stop living as if He is. The world needs to see His love and grace in us. The world needs to see the confidence and hope we have in Him. The world needs to hear us proclaim His name.

Let’s stop being so busy with life, and start spending time proclaiming and living His truth.  Start telling the world that God’s not dead…He’s surely alive!

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