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I often find myself falling back into my own little world where the population is me. That’s the place where selfishness and my own interests overpower that deep down knowledge I have of knowing that life has its meaning when we  invest in the lives of others. It’s during those times that God subtly reminds me to reach my hand into the darkness so that I can share the light with someone. His light of love and hope and peace.

We are living in a world obsessed with results. If we can’t see immediate results, we try something else that might have a quicker fix. But God is saying, “Do it anyway. Even if you might never see the fruit of your labour on this side of the grave. It’s not about what you think you are achieving. It’s what I know that will be achieved through your obedience.” And that means sacrifice. It means that we need to be willing to put in the effort without visible rewards. We need to be willing to plant and water the seed without experiencing its shade.

As a child of the Living God I need to be happy with that. Even though I may never receive a reward for reaching out to others, I have eternal peace knowing that I can sit in the serenity of the shade of the cross. If Jesus was willing to sacrifice everything for me, how can I only be willing to do things for Him when I can experience the benefits.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”

If that was good enough for my Saviour, it’s good enough for me. Leave a legacy that doesn’t let the world remember you, but allows the world to never forget Jesus.

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