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Better Boat


Don’t hold your breath while waiting for the world to change. It won’t! Wow! That seems to be  a bit of a negative statement. Not really. As long as there are 8 billion people, each with our own agenda and with our own interests at heart, nothing will change.

We sit quietly for decades, watching racism happen before our very eyes and don’t move a muscle. Then, after the wrongs from the past have been addressed, the tide has turned and racist laws are abandoned, we all suddenly jump on board when one incident occurs. It’s easy to shout loud and do nothing. It’s easy to criticize others from within our own comfortable cocoon. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon without considering all the facts. It’s easy to do something when everyone else is doing it. It’s easy to live in the past and continuously bring up things that have happened then.

If every single thing that is wrong in the world today was protested about, we will never have the time to sleep because we will be too busy protesting. I don’t smash windows and kick people on the street because my faith is discriminated against. I don’t burn cars and treat non-Christians with abusive language and a fist in the face when all I do is love everyone irrespective of their faith or ethnicity, and often, in return, am treated with disdain.

Don’t hold your breath while waiting for the world to change. It won’t! Unless we realise that we are only making the storm worse by focusing on the world’s problems without looking for solutions. The world won’t change unless we all start with a change in ourselves. We need to begin with the man and the woman we see in the mirror. When we find peace in our own lives, we might begin to spread some of that peace. And the only way the world will find peace is by following the example of the Prince of all Peace – Jesus Christ. He is the boat that provides us with peace, no matter what’s happening in the world. No matter how violent the storm and how insurmountable the waves seem, He will get us through anything if we just let Him steer.

Have an amazing day!

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