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Our world is so filled with masks, plastic surgery and selfies that it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s real anymore. The line has become blurred and we are allowing it to drag us down into the lie that we can never live up to the standards of others. So we spend our days trying to compete with a FAKE reality.

What a tremendous waste of time to get involved in such a futile exercise. I can never be who someone else is pretending to be for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is impossible to really become something that is fake. And secondly, I have been uniquely and wonderfully created by a God who loves me. If I try to be someone else, then I’m running after something that was never meant for me.

Here’s a silly example, but imagine if your phone wanted to be a brick. It wouldn’t be what it was created to be and wouldn’t do what it was meant to do. It would be living a lie and would rob you of the benefits of what a phone can offer. Don’t rob the world of what the REAL you can offer.

We have dabbled with fakeness for too long. It might impress some people temporarily, but wearing a mask is an exhausting exercise. No wonder that society is tired and depressed. Being REAL is not about impressing anyone, but it does permanently impact others, and the world needs Christians who know the Truth and who are Real. Christians who find our security and identity, not in the number of people that give us the thumbs up, but in the One who calls us to be a reflection of true love.

I’ve seen Jesus reflected in people who stood with me when I hit rock bottom, not only during my times of celebrations. That’s what REAL is. Let’s be different. Let’s be REAL. Let’s impact the world for Jesus by loving the unloved and living a selfless life that is not focused on accolades, but on “realness”.

Have a great day!

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