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It shows


Gandhi once said, “Action expresses priorities.” We might have that desire in our hearts to do more. We might be waiting for the right time to live out those intentions. We might even have some seemingly valid excuse why we aren’t living out that purpose that we are fully aware of. The sad truth is that we are wasting moments, that are becoming wasted opportunities to live a life filled with purpose.

A few years ago I was living out my calling as a church planter and pastor. Committing my time to making a difference and reaching out to those who were in need of encouragement. Today I have become so busy with things that still make a difference, but are robbing me of my time to fulfill my true passion. In fact, I am allowing it to rob me of my time. It’s not that I have become too busy to do what I know I am called to do, it’s that my priorities have shifted.

When we allow ourselves to be driven by worldly things, our motivation changes but that deep-down passion that God has placed in our hearts will never stop popping up. God has a purpose for each one of us – the reason for our existence. And until we prioritize that purpose by giving it our time, we will never live a contented life. I’m not sure about you, but it’s time to take stock of my life and get my ducks in a row. It’s time to run back to the Father and to trust Him for my journey ahead. One thing I know is that when I follow His purpose for my life, He will provide and supply everything to make it amazing.

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  1. This does hit a raw nerve. Time is now to focus and do that what God has put on our hearts. We won’t rest until we do. I am with you on this Mark. You are a very gifted man. Don’t let fear flourish. Gather is the word.

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