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We all seem to be living our lives focusing on the things we want, believing that once we have them, they will bring us happiness and contentment. And only then can we look at helping others.

If I can just get that promotion, then I’ll be where I have always wanted to be in life and I’ll be satisfied. Then I’ve achieved what I want for myself, and can start helping others.  The thing is, there will always be another promotion along the road that I’ll be chasing. It never is enough.

If I just win the lotto then I can help others and pay my debts and really begin to live. The more money I have, will just raise my expectations of what I think I need and the things I buy will become more expensive. The thing is that there will always be more stuff I want to buy and more people I want to help. If I’m waiting for “enough” money or “enough” status before I start giving, it’s never going to happen.

When Jesus was speaking to the crowds, he realised that people were getting hungry. There was no food except for a young boy who had a few loaves and fish. Obviously never enough to feed 5 000 people. But he still brought what he had, even if it seemed terribly insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. The moral of this story is that God is asking you and me to bring what we have to the table. It might not be enough in our own eyes, but is more than enough for Him to use, to multiply and to make a significant difference.

Never think that what you have to offer is too insignificant. There will always be someone out there who needs what you have to offer – then leave the rest up to God.

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