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Birds know that the dawn is coming way before the sun rises. Just go outside when it’s still dark in the early hours of the morning and hear for yourself. They don’t need to see the sun to know that it’s coming. They don’t focus on the dark, but instead sing about a bright day that’s on its way.

While we are waiting for a new dawn – for that breakthrough to come – we have the stars. There is purpose in God’s creation and it’s filled with metaphors about life. God never leaves us in the dark. He never abandons us, however dismal our situation may seem. The Son is always there, even if we can’t see Him.

My prayer for you is that you will be courageous enough to find the beauty that God has laced into today and kind enough to share that beauty with those you encounter.

Have an amazing day as you sing about the dawn, even while you might be in the darkest hours of the night.


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