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None of us like a disruption. It causes frustration and the notion to feel sorry for ourselves. The flippant use of words like “struggle”,¬† “We will get through this” and “It’s so difficult” during this time rolls too easily off our tongues. There are certainly people who are doing it very tough because of the lockdown and my heart goes out to them.

But there are so many of us who do not find ourselves in dire straits, yet we talk about how difficult things are. Children dying of hunger is devastating! People facing death because of what they believe is tough. Those who are enduring terrible pain because of terminal illnesses are experiencing real difficulties. Those of us who are merely experiencing a disruption in our lives because we can’t do what we would like to, need to toughen up and stop making as if our world is falling apart. Being taken out of our comfort zone is not the end of the world.

In fact, it might be the beginning of something good. It might give us the opportunity to appreciate things we always take for granted. It gives us a chance to slow down and realise what is really important in life. Maybe it has taken an epidemic  of this magnitude, to rethink our mortality. When Jesus entered the region of the Gadarenes, they begged Him to leave. They did this because they knew that He would disrupt their lives. That there would need to be changes that might just take the focus off their own comfort, and move it to someone outside of themselves.

Maybe this is the storm that has come to take away our selfishness and focus on those who REALLY are facing difficulties. This might just be the moment that clears our path to a life of “less of me” and “more of Him.”

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  1. This is really Good. God’s ways are higher than our ways

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