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Onward and Upward


“Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it.”

If you choose to focus on your past mistakes, you are taking away the strength you need to build today. No matter how much you’ve messed up in the past… it’s done, and no amount of pondering on it can change what’s already happened. If your choice is to live in the past, you will be absent in the present. We all know that it’s impossible to be in two places at the same time.

Deal with what needs to be dealt with, ask for forgiveness if you have wronged someone, forgive anyone in your past that has wronged you… and get on with building today. We have all been given 86 400 seconds today. The more you waste on yesterday, the less you have for today. And the less you focus on today, the worse your tomorrow will become. So, learn from the past, then get the hell out of there!

Have an amazing day, not allowing a dark past to rob you of a bright future. It’s your choice. Your future is as bright as your faith!


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