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All We Need is Love…la-la-lala-la


The Beatles might not have known it, but they were singing a Godly chorus in their 1967 song. It’s that simple, or is it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fighter for justice. When people get away with doing the wrong thing, it angers me. When I am abiding by the law and someone else comes along and does whatever they please without any consideration for others, I tend to lose it and immediately want to take them to task. Yet, we are told to love our enemies. But let’s get this straight; loving our enemies or those who treat us badly, doesn’t mean we need to love what they are doing. We have God’s endorsement to speak up for others who can’t speak up for themselves. But it’s all about how we do our “Speaking Up”.

As a Christian, God has called me to love everybody, no matter who they are or what they are doing that I might not agree with. That’s really hard, especially when they treat me like dirt and I don’t deserve that treatment. In fact, in my own strength, it’s simply impossible. Our nature is to defend ourselves and to counter any attack with whatever it takes. The only way I can love those who don’t love me, is to ask God to step in. That is why so many of us Christians seem to retaliate in the wrong way… because we tend to go at it alone instead of asking God to take over. By doing that, we are not a reflection of God’s love towards the world.

Simply being quiet and allowing the world to fall, apart around us, is also not the answer. When we see injustice, we need to speak up. When someone is facing eternity without God, we need to share Him. But God is not anger and retribution and retaliation… GOD IS LOVE. And if that’s true, then we, as His followers, must reflect that. The world won’t change through our “righteous anger” but it will change through our love for others. Our calling is to love everyone because Jesus died for everyone. The Holy Spirit is the One who will convict others and change their hearts and God will be the One who welcomes them home when they turn to Him. But it all starts with a gentle approach and a loving heart from all of us.

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