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I have some vivid recollections of being in the principal’s office after “breaching the boundaries”. It quickly taught me to be flexible and to bend for my punishment. I needed to accept the fact that I was wrong and that there were consequences to my decisions.

But sometimes, bad things happen that are not because of anything we have done. If we can do something about those things, by all means, go for it. But when a little thing like COVID 19 appears on the horizon, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. It’s also during these “I don’t have control over it” times, that we need to find our flexibility. And the best place to find it is in God.

You see, we are not defined by our circumstances or any virus that is causing chaos, but by our attitudes. And when we are secure in knowing that God is in control, our attitude will be less affected by uncertainty. It is only then that we see opportunity in the place of hopelessness. It is then that we are anchored in His peace, rather than drifting around aimlessly, not knowing what to expect. Whether you believe that the situation is hopeless, or it is a time in history filled with potential… you are right!


Have a great day!

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