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Decision Time

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Nobody really enjoys the “lockdown” we are experiencing. It dawned on me that we don’t enjoy it, because it means we need to sacrifice things, and that’s something that none of us are really good at.

In fact, taking away our comfort goes against our nature. We don’t like it when the equilibrium in our lives is disturbed. When it’s hot, we want to cool down. When it’s cold we want to heat up. When it’s too noisy, we want silence. When it’s too quiet we want more busyness. Our flesh desires that comfortable perfect balance, not really interested in sacrificing our comfort for anything.

And, just maybe, that is why so many are reluctant to follow Jesus. Because following Him often requires a sacrifice of that “perfect balance”. Don’t you find it interesting that when He began His ministry, Jesus called some fishermen and they immediately left their lucrative businesses to follow Him? Why? Well, because they believed that He was going to restore their comfort and free them from the Roman oppression. They also did it for self-gain. They believed that their position would be elevated from mere fishermen, to allies of the One who would free them. That was a step up in social standing. At that stage, they never knew that Jesus would sacrifice everything, and that all they believed about Him restoring the balance, would look very different.

Comfort and Complacency are two things our flesh seems to chase after, yet they stunt our growth. Following Jesus is not about comfort, but about obedience. Being His child is not about complacency but about stepping out in faith. And it’s in that obedience, as we step out into the unknown, that we find true life. A life that has purpose, excitement and a destiny that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Have an amazing day.

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