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Right here… Right now


Most of us have more time on our hands at the moment than we would like. In the beginning it’s great, but why does it become so difficult after a while? Well, because it forces us to stop and think about life. The hard questions automatically force their way into our minds because there’s nothing we can do to distract ourselves.

One of the things that has become clear to me is that we so often take the simple things for granted. Even though Bev and I still get our coffee every morning, we don’t have the opportunity to sit in our favourite coffee shop anymore. Something else that I’ve realised is how I allow the unimportant things in life, to rob me of the time I could be spending doing those things that are urgent and important.

The most vital thing we can do as human beings is spend time with God. I’m not talking about religious mumbo jumbo. It’s all about opening our hearts up to Him and telling Him our feelings and struggles. It’s about realising how amazing He is to have given us life, and thanking Him for it.

Spending time with our families and telling them how much they mean to us is something that we need to do every day. Time wasted is time lost. Don’t allow one more day to pass without telling, and showing, your family how much they mean to you. Soon, your kids will be out of the house and living their own lives. Time you could have spent with them will then always be lost. Your spouse also needs to know that they are your priority. Tell your wife that she is your dream lady and that you love her. Tell your husband that he is your hero and you adore him.

Reigniting that passion and purpose in your life needs to happen every day. The more you allow other things to take up your time, the more it blocks your vision of what you were born to do. Spend time dreaming of that calling! Spend time believing those dreams to become a reality! And then, take whatever risks are needed to move in the direction of your purpose.

Use this time you have, wisely. We might feel that this lockdown is a curse, but in reality it might just be a true blessing in disguise during which we ignite the important things, and burn the ships that take us to destinations that are not ours.

Have an amazing day!


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