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Upside Down


The world wasn’t meant to be the way it is – filled with hate, selfishness and arrogance. Focusing on my own wants, blinds me to the needs of others. Trying to outdo everybody, makes me see them as opponents instead of neighbours. Shining the spotlight on how others are different, produces subtle hate in an age where hope is needed. And the scary things is that this has become the new normal.

We worship self-absorbed sport stars, yet despise even the thought of a true hero. We lift up the famous yet choose to downplay the One who truly changed the course of history. And all because He doesn’t fit our messed up idea of what reality is. Yesterday, Bev and I got a take-away coffee and went for a walk along the beachfront. A lady, approaching us shouted hysterically, “Single file please”. She, and so many others are petrified by a microscopic organism that they cannot see and simply believe everything that they hear about it. That has become our new reality.

The true hero and the One who changed the course of history, is questioned, ridiculed and mocked. The One who is calling us closer to Him, is hated by a world who is looking for acceptance and hope. How is it that the One who is the only true hope of the world, is disregarded by a world that is looking for the very thing that Jesus offers? We see His amazing creation everyday, yet doubt His existence while we have no trouble accepting the existence of other things we cannot see.

I know that my Saviour lives. I know that almost 2000 years ago, He died for me (and each person even if you don’t believe in Him). Today I remember what my true hero did for me on the cross. That “udside-down” grace that He showed even to those who killed Him. Why then, do we as a society, choose to hate the only One who never hates back? Why then do we withhold our love from the only One who never withholds anything from us? When we truly begin to understand the concept of His unmeritted grace, we will realise that it’s the way He is calling us to live and it’s the “Right Side Up”.

Have an amazing day and know that Jesus died for you.


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