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I am not lost


It is said that the most important instinct in any person is survival. And 2nd on the list is comfort. No wonder we choose the escalator instead of the stairs. No wonder we become inconsiderate when our comfort is compromised.

Presently the Corona Virus is bringing to light our true colours. People rather focus on their own comfort than on the discomfort of others. If we really considered one another, we wouldn’t have supermarkets with empty fridges and shelves. We wouldn’t have young mothers unable to find nappies for their babies, or elderly folk travelling from shop to shop looking for bare essentials to survive. We might feel that we care because we helped during the devastating bushfires in Australia or we sponsor a few kids through compassion. Doesn’t that prove that we are compassionate?

True compassion is shown when what I do for others, jeopardizes my comfort, but I do it anyway. True love means that I put the needs of others before my own. There is a cost to caring. It’s easy to “care” when I am comfortable. It’s a different story when I give even though I lack; when I reach out even though I am struggling; when I love even when I am scoffed at.

It’s during times of darkness that we should reflect the light of God by freely pouring out His love and being considerate. We don’t need to panic when the rest of the world seems to be reeling out of control. It doesn’t matter where things might go, because we know who is with us and the world needs to see the peace we have inside despite the chaos happening around us.

God is my anchor, I don’t fear the waves

Whether the seas of life are calm or not, I don’t need to worry

When waves of fear surround me, my God is in control

My heart is at peace

Because I know who is in me, my soul is does not fear what is happening around me

May God grant you His peace, joy and compassion today, as you put your trust in life’s anchor.



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