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There’s a sense of entitlement dragging society down in more ways than we can ever imagine. The pendulum has swung from a place where basic human rights were being violated, to a place where all of us feel that life owes us. More specifically – God Owes Us!

Even those who claim that there is no God, blames God for everything that goes wrong in their lives. And because things don’t go well, they come to the conclusion that God doesn’t exist. Because if He was love, as He claims to be, then no bad should happen to them. That dangerous lie of entitlement, that Satan wants us to believe, is leading us all astray in one way or another.

The only reason you and I complain about the lack of anything, is because we perceive it as a lack, when in reality, we are all living in abundance. We don’t even deserve what we have! How then can we complain about what we don’t have? That very breath I took now wasn’t even deserved. Life itself was given to us as a gift. Not because we deserve it, but because God decided to give it to us.

The moment I begin to realise that God owes me nothing and that He has already done everything for me so that I can spend eternity with Him if I put my trust in Him, is the moment that my attitude of entitlement is replaced by an attitude of gratitude. Only then do I stop being selfish. Only then do I begin to realise what the true meaning of life is. Only then do I begin to understand what a great God I serve.

Have an absolutely amazing day knowing that every second is a gift, not something owed to us.

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