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Hurdles… no worries


There has never been a time when so many people have felt hopeless and feel the need to see counsellors and psychologists. We do that when we struggle to jump the hurdles in front of us because they seem way too high to scale.

Complete help will never come from other people who also have limits and struggles and issues. True help can only be found in the One who never sleeps – He who created heavens and the earth. Without serving Him as our goal, why care about anything. If we believe that there is no God, what is the point of life… what is the goal? There isn’t one. But because my God lives, I can face tomorrow and I can jump over anything that comes between me and my goal.

I serve a God who runs in my direction when the whole world walks away. He is the One who gives my life purpose, who calls me to action and who helps me over any obstacles so that I can be all who He has created me to be. No matter how high the obstacles are you might be facing, God can take you higher if you will only let Him.

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