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As Christians, we tend to focus more on the things we oppose, than on the things we should be embracing. We oppose abortion and blasphemy, and in doing so we forget to embrace love. How did Christ deal with moral issues? He never protested or embarressed those who opposed His views. He did 2 things:

  • He simply permeated love
  • He practiced what He preached

When we do those two things, the Holy Spirit will step in and do the convicting and saving. Our calling is to be living our faith, not enforcing it. By no means am I saying we need to accept things that are immoral. Our principles don’t change but our approach does. My life has been changed, not by people who tried to convince me about my mistakes. It was changed by the grace of Jesus Christ. He used loving people who never gave up on me (like my mother) to replace my heart of stone, with a heart filled with His Spirit.

Let’s become Christians who act more in love and say less in condemnation. Then, watch God do what He does best… change lives!


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