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Let’s Go


Christopher Columbus set out to find a shorter route to India. One way of looking at it is that he was lost and accidentally found America. I often find myself on a journey in search of something specific and end up finding something totally different. That’s not a bad thing. What’s important, is that we all start a journey towards something that we feel passionate about.

It takes faith to take the first step. It requires something more than what is simply in us, to step out into the unknown, not knowing where it will lead and what dangers we might encounter along the way. And the more we exercise our faith, the easier it becomes to employ. When taking that initial step, it’s important that we have a goal and destination in mind. But even if we don’t end up where we intended to go, at least we have left where we used to be. At least we employed our faith and we did something.

Columbus ended up on the other side of the world to where he intended to go, but at least he went. And because he went, he impacted world history. Let’s not find our faith in comfort, because then we’ll never move. Let’s put our faith in the One who is capable of doing things that we cannot do, and taking us places where we can’t go. Only then, will we step out of the boat of safety and walk on the water of impossibility to a future of purpose.

Have a great day.

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