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Years ago while teaching in South Africa, I used to love taking the kids on camps. I would often apologize to parents about the dirty state of their children and their clothes when we got back. What sticks in my mind is what one of them told me: “A dirty child is a happy child!”

Children don’t get dirty anymore because they are too busy with technology. In fact, even us adults have lost the ability to get our hands dirty and our hair messy. These days it is  more important to portray an image of perfection, than it is to live life to the full.  And when we are so focused on pretending to have a wonderful life, we forget to have one. Truly living is about actually doing stuff. It’s not about trying to convince everyone else about ourselves.

When last have you walked in the rain and got completely soaked? How long has it been since you did something nice for someone without making sure everyone else knows about it on your sociual media pages? We have become so obsessed with what others think about us, that we have forgotten about the things that really count. So go and do something nice for someone without wanting to be recognised for it. And while you’re at it, have some fun, knowing that God is watching and that’s all that matters.

Have a min-blowing day!




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