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“Today I choose…” How do you and I choose to end that sentence.

Yesterday, Bev tagged me in a post in which a member of the DA party in South Africa, spoke extremely well. He was addressing parliament and basically telling the president, that he blew his opportunity to be a true leader after promising South Africans that he would “Make South Africa great again!” when he was elected.

Today, you and I have the opportunity to choose whether we want to seize the day and make things happen, or whether we want to sit around idly and watch others make a difference. We don’t always know exactly what to do, but we can do something. We can choose to smile at someone who passes by instead of staring at our phones. We can choose to send someone a text to encourage them. We can choose to tell someone we love them. We can even choose to put aside our issues for a few moments and consider the plight of others.

Start small and see how positive choices lead to positive action. One thing we need to remember is that God has options. If He is laying on my heart to do something and I choose not to, He has around 8 billion other options. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else. In the end, it makes a bigger difference in yours.


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