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Things that Matter


We can count our money and our possessions. Many things can scientifically be proven through formulas and numbers, but even scientists acknowledge that science doesn’t have the answers to why we feel excited or in love. Things of the mind can be explained while things of the heart are a mystery when looked at through the eyes of science. A big explosion and the non-existence of a creator leaves a huge gap as to why we love, have morals and have a conscience.

We are often told to count our blessings, but that’s not really possible. We can never quantify the love that God has for us, or the fact that we can breathe, or the fact that our hearts are beating, or the fact that we have options or….  Our blessings are innumerable and each blessing is uncountable.

There is no way I can count the love and the friendship I have for my beautiful wife. It’s impossible to quantify how much I love, and how proud I am of my 2 boys. How do I even begin to describe my love and gratitude to my Saviour, Jesus Christ for what He has done for me on the cross and how His Spirit encourages and guides me every day. You see, these are the things that really count, yet they are the things that cannot really be counted.

Have an amazing day counting you blessing that are actually impossible to count.

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