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Every, single day we are presented with a myriad of new opportunities. Whether you see these as possibilities or impossibilities is up to you. And whether you believe you can turn each one into a reality, or not – you are right.

You see, the goals we achieve in life are directly proportionate to the faith we have. The more our faith outweighs our doubt, the more likely we are to go all out for something. So many of us don’t achieve our goals or live our purpose – all because we give our doubts permission to outweigh our faith. We doubt ourselves because we don’t feel qualified or capable of doing whatever it is we feel we are called for. We can convince ourselves that there will always be someone who is more experienced and better equipped to do something. Or we can ask ourselves, “What is stopping me from being that person?”

When we really understand who we are in Christ, there will be a renewing of our minds, and the way we perceive ourselves. But this renewal isn’t a once off thing that lasts forever. We need to continuously put our faith into practice. We must exercise our “faith muscles” daily to keep them from losing the faith – doubt battle. That will only happen when I stand on the amazing promises in His Word and I contemplate how insignificant I am in the bigger scheme of thinghs, yet how precious I am to Him. He gives me all I need, to fulfill all He is calling me to do. Doubt doesn’t even need to feature in our lives, yet we are the ones who allow it to take root.

None of us will skip a meal because we know our survival depends on it. None of us should allow the opportunity to pass by for us to exercise our faith. “Truly living” depends on it.



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