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Be the One


I often find myself reverting back to an old mindset. Wondering why I’m not doing everything I should be doing. Seeing only the obstacles between where my life is now and where I would like it to be. And that’s exactly the problem that most of us encounter – seeing obstacles as walls that keep us from going places we long to go to, and doing things we long to do.

Very soon, that mindset becomes habit and that habit anchors us to a place of unfulfillment and regrets. And it all begins with our thought process. There’s a great add on Foxtel in Australia. A young guy asks the question: “Who made beer the boss of summer?” That’s a great question and maybe we should apply it to our lives after tweaking it a little.  “Who made obstacles the boss of my future?” Why do I allow my circumstances, my past, my insecurities, my critics or my “unequipedness” to rob me of a full and meaningful life.

So few people are living their purpose – not necessarily because they don’t know what it is – but because, in their mind’s eye, they see walls that take too much effort to climb. The thing is, that directly behind that wall, is the start to a life of purpose. And when we begin to let go of all the doubts, and start implementing faith, those walls don’t even need to be scaled – they can be smashed. Nothing great that has ever been achieved in life, came easy. It always takes a lot of hard work, a lot of faith and a very strong mindset. Only 1 in a million people are willing to let go of his/her comfort zone with both hands. And letting go with both hands is imperative, because it makes it possible to break down the walls that are standing between us and a life of purpose. Be that 1 in a million person.

Ask yourself the question today. Do I allow the walls to be the boss of me, or do I see my future the way God sees it… filled with promise, purpose and love?

Have an amazing day!

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