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Who am I?


Society determines our “coolness” according to our income, looks or achievements. According to society, I am therefore a nobody. But I refuse to find my identify in what others say about me – and so should you.

When Wozniak and Jobs established a company in the ’70’s, they alone had the authority to call it what they wanted. Steve Jobs, having returned from a farm, and being on a fruit diet, decided to call it “Apple. No matter whether people thought it was a silly name, they were the creators and they gave “Apple” its identity. They alone had the authority to decide what products they would manufacture and what the purpose of those products would be.

God created my innermost being and wonderfully knit me together. All my days are written in His book. His thoughts of me are vast and precious. (Psalm 139)                             I know  that God created me and that my existence is not a mere accident of nature. I know who God says I am and don’t need the affirmation of others to find my identity. He alone has the authority to tell me who I am, and I choose to listen to His call on my life.

I know I’m not cool, but that’s okay. My God loves me anyway. And God loves you so much. When you decide to believe what He says about you, instead of what the world has to say, it will change your world.

May you experience God’s love, grace, peace and joy in an amazing way.


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