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It’s in front


It’s always good to take a glance back every now and then. It allows us to see how far we’ve come. But often we get so distracted by our past, that we end up missing what’s right in front of us.

Whatever we’ve done… is done. There’s no way to undo the past. So, there’s no point in living there. What we can do something about, is our future. And it starts right here and right now. Remember that our future depends on what we do today. We might be where we are today because of what we did in our yesterdays, but there’s no need to stay there. Start working today on your future – without too much rush.

Creating something takes time, but it will never get done if we don’t start and we don’t work hard at it. The sacrifices and sweat we put in today, will pay off tomorrow.. So don’t allow your past to dictate your todays. Instead, allow your goals to dictate what you do today.

Have an amazing day as you begin to create your tomorrows.



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