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Fail Forward


Failing is inevitable if we are willing to not only stare at the horizon, but move towards it. And when we do fail at times, it’s essential that we fail forward. Failing forward means keeping our eyes on the goal when we hit the ground. That inspires us to keep going. By failing forward we refuse to look back at what we know and what we’re comfortable with.

Failing forward means we learn from our disappointments and we don’t make the same mistakes again. Failing forward means we continue to take risks because we are more afraid of doing nothing, than doing something and making a mistake in the process. It’s when the drive to make a difference, supersedes the pull towards a comfort zone.

So don’t be discouraged when you fail. Let it inspire you to try harder. You need to decide whether failure is…

your teacher, or your undertaker.

a delay, or defeat.

a temporary detour, or a dead-end street.

Have an amazing day… and if you fail… fail forward and keep going.



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