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20/20 Tenacity


This tree has defied all the odds. It faced resistance from below, a shove from the side and sweltering heat from the top. It could have given up and given in, but it didn’t. That little tree wasn’t held back by its surroundings. It never gave up because life got uncomfortable. And because of it’s tenacious and resilient attitude, it stands tall where no other tree dared to dream of growing.

It’s easy to grow in a fertile environment, but that doesn’t require sacrifice. And it’s through sacrifice, effort and perseverance that we truly grow. Those are the things that make us resilient and enable us to stand firm when the storms hit. This tree is rooted in the rock and isn’t going anywhere. When we are rooted in God, and don’t allow our circumstances to hold us back from being all that He is calling us to be, we can do all things.

There are so many unfulfilled people with talent and education. That’s because tenacity can achieve so much more in life than just ability and degrees. Chase your dreams in 2020. Don’t let resistance hold you back. Don’t let criticism allow you to give in. Don’t allow self-doubt to strangle your purpose. You were born for a time such as this. Those new year resolutions are in your heart for a reason. Be that tree that was willing to persevere and is now providing the only shade and comfort for miles. Be the one who is standing firm in 2020 even if it is in a dry wilderness. Be the one who says, “As for me and my house – we will serve the Lord.”

Have a truly wonderful end to 2019. My prayer for you is that God’s face will shine on you and that His love, joy and peace will enter into this new year with you, and remain with you as you continue to stand firm in your Rock and your Salvation.



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