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God Who Stays


Most of us have experienced a time when we cared about somebody, but that care wasn’t reciprocated. A high school crush that never materialized into a relationship. A marriage that is falling apart because love is coming from one side and a lack of commitment from the other. A sudden crumbling of a father/son relationship or a breakdown of a mother/daughter connection because one party wants the best for the other, while the other party just wants what they desire.

There comes a time when we walk away from relationships like these because we just can’t deal with the pain that it causes anymore. The continuous giving, and the continuous getting nothing in return. There’s only so much heartbreak that a person can deal with. Yet… God always stays. He has a crush on you and me, but we choose to ignore Him – well, maybe wave to Him on our way to something that we have prioritized above Him. Jesus has committed Himself to a lifelong relationship with us through His death on the cross, yet we choose to say the words “I do” but we “don’t” when it comes to showing our commitment to Him in our lives. We might start a relationship with Him, yet end up following our own desires. We are the prodigal son or daughter.

But the thing about our Father, is that He stays. He’s the God who stays even when we walk away. When we choose the filth of the world – He stays! When we follow our selfish desires – He stays! When we show a lack of commitment – He stays! Even when we shatter His heart through our actions, words and attitudes – He stays. The question I ask myself is this: “Why would I choose to treat my God, who gave His life to save me, like a nobody? Why would I choose to give Him the leftovers of my time and prioritize things of this world above Him? Today, and tomorrow, and the next day, I choose to love Him back and to be His child that stays.

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