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What your choices say about you


Some people base all their decisions on fear. Their lives become an over-complicated, monotonous routine of decisions. There’s nothing ventured and nothing gained. To them, it’s better to stay in the safe zone where there’s no chance of risking or failing.

Some base their decisions on feelings. Whatever they feel like doing, they do. This is often done without regard for anyone else. It’s the notion that society is trying to integrate that we shouldn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks. As long as it makes us happy, we should do it.

Others choose to make decisions based on their circumstances. Yet, as Christians we are called to base our decisions on faith. When Jesus called Peter to step out of the boat, he could have looked at the circumstances around him, and the common sense that told him it was a ridiculous thing to even contemplate. Yet common sense and circumstance doesn’t count for much in God’s economy and Peter knew that.  The more we put that faith into practice, the easier it becomes to do things in faith. Become a David, who doesn’t look at the battle ahead, but rather realizes who is going into the battle with you. A life of faith involves human risk but Godly reward.

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