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Claims need substantiating


So many lives are unfulfilled and lacking purpose. So many life-changing moments are gone. So many opportunities to change the course of history are forever lost because our claim to know Jesus stagnated the day after we accepted Him into our lives.

We don’t reach our destination the day we proclaim Him as our Saviour. In fact, that day is only the beginning of the journey. Christianity is not only about the certainty of eternal life, it’s equally as much about the effectiveness of our worldly existence. We can either choose to just allow life to wash over us every day, or we can choose to make a significant impact. Why not make an impact indeed?

We love to fall into Satan’s “Complacency Trap”. He wants us to think that going to church and a happy existence is enough. Because if we simply do that, we aren’t breaking any ground for the God we claim to serve. We have become “church consumers” who take everything we can get, yet failing to step out of our comfort zones¬† to reflect His love in places and amongst people, where we will be challenged. How can we as Christians ever feel content that we are doing enough? I know that we cannot earn anything by doing anything, but we reach out and affect the world because it’s what we would do if we really understood the cost of the cross.

There needs to come a time in our Christian walk when we grow to such an extent that it’s no longer just about ourselves, but also about the salvation of others.¬† How can we ever feel complacent when there are 21 000 people starving every day? How can we be happy with our feeble attempts, as long as we don’t need to sacrifice our comfort, when there are more sex slaves in the world today, than the entire Australian population? Every single Christian should be living an extraordinary life because He is extraordinary and He is calling us to make a difference.

Let’s stop living like Christian Atheists – Christians who’s lives look as if God doesn’t exist. But let’s live our lives in such a way that we substantiate God’s presence in them.

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