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You have Influence


When we reach a certain age, we all begin to wonder where our lives went and what difference we are making. At 50 something, I certainly wrestle with those questions every day.¬† We have all the intentions but don’t seem to have the time or energy to turn them into action.

Whether you act on those intentions or not – you are influencing the world one way or another. My advice is that you make the time and find the energy to make a difference. When Billy Graham decided to follow the calling that God had on his life, he influenced history. Thousands of people came to know Jesus Christ because of his faithfulness, and in turn, they impacted the lives of others. But if he failed to share the Gospel, his influence would have lead to all those people not having their lives changed.

You are a miracle and were created for a purpose. God has a specific plan that is just the fit for you, and that plan is to ultimately make this messed up world a better place. Whatever you choose to do with that purpose is up to you, but your choice will influence history, one way or another. Your decisions and actions, or lack thereof, will either change history for the better, or the worse. But to have that positive influence on the people around us will require us to be different. Because we will never influence the world, by trying to be like it.

If we make up our minds to be history makers in a positive way, there will need to be some alterations made in our lives. Because a person becomes the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, we might need to move our circle of friends. By looking at your friends, you can see your future. That is a scary, but very true statement. Make sure that you are a S – N – I – O – P… Someone who is Sensitive to the Negative¬† Influence of Other People.

So, if you think you have nothing to offer the world and therefore do nothing, you are influencing it. If you believe you have something to offer and you are doing something about it, you are influencing the world. Either way, you are determining the course of history. Why not make a positive difference. You have everything in you to make it happen. Just do it!

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