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Thank God for challenges


The reason why the majority chooses to stay within the limits of their comfort zone, is that it allows them to stay in control of their lives. The most dangerous place for a Christian to be, is in that zone, because it doesn’t require much faith to stay there.

Faith is more than just believing that there is a God. It’s more than just proclaiming to follow Him. Faith is not just a thought or a novel idea. It involves a life of action. If I fully put my faith in God, then I need to be willing to step out of a place where I am in control, and step into a future where I hand over the reigns to Him. Every day becomes a faith exercise. And as I exercise that faith in Him, I begin to truly live a fulfilling and exciting life.

Comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing tends to grow there. Certainly not our faith. And, as Christians we are going to need every ounce of faith and resilience in times to come. Persecution is at our door. Will we cower back in our couches of comfort and be afriad to stand up for Christ, or are we willing to open the door and proclaim our faith in Him. A good friend of mine, Pastor Williams Ray, is one such person who is never afraid to proclaim Christ as his Saviour, in spite of the fact that he is often verbally and physically attacked by other religious groups in India. He could easily choose to retreat to a comfort zone where people will leave him alone. Yet, he chooses to face each challenge, knowing that his faith is steaadfast and his God is faithful.

Just as ships are safe in harbours, so to, Christians are safe in a place where they avoid challenges. But just as ships were made to sail on seas where they will face storms, God has called His children to leave the “safety” of the harbour and to trust Him as we step out onto the waves. It takes faith to get out of the boat, but if we want to build a bridge, we need to get into the water.

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