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Off – Season


The real me comes out at midnight, in the kitchen, when everyone else in the house is asleep. My mom always told her 4 sons not to drink milk from the bottle – and we never did when others were around. But true character would reveal itself when it needed a drink in the presence of only itself.

We all love to let everyone see how exciting our lives are. We splatter our “religion” all over social media so that everyone knows what we stand for. We make it well-known how much we do for others and how many children we sponsor. We “practice our faith” when others are watching and reading. And so often it’s more about receiving accolades from people than being obedient to God.

How hard do we practice our faith and walk in His presence when nobody is watching? How much do we do and how many do we love because we want recognition from those on the sidelines? What happens when there’s nobody to see what we’re doing – except for God! Are you and I willing to play just as hard in God’s team when there are no spectators around?

If I’m honest, I need some changes in my “off-season” routine. I need to work harder when no score is being kept and nobody’s sitting in the stands, cheering me on. My motivation should come from the cross. How about you?

Have a blessed week and may The One who is able to keep you from falling, strengthen you as you tackle the Off-Season with just as much gusto, as the Peak-Season.




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